Picnic spots at West Bengal in India.

    Wonderland Park -: From kolkata 37 K.m. away is Chandannagar's wonderland park or K.M.D.A park. It is only one and half K.m. away from Chandannagar's rail station. This park is made at 33 acres of land. By car way through G.T. Road if one goes ahead beneath rail station bridge, then this park is in left hand side. By car if comes through Delhi Road then "Shetpur" crossing, inthe right hand side two and half K.m away is this Garden.

      Hanseswari Temple -: The king of Bansberia Raneswar Dutta founded "Ananta Basudev" Temple and king Nrisinghadev founded Hanseswari Temple. The Temple and its adjacent area is a delight to the picnic lovers. From Bansberia by walk or Rickshaw the temple can be reached. Another media to go is from kolkata through kalyani crossing the "Iswar-Gupta" Bridge can be reached to this Temple.  

Hanseswari Temple

     Nature Park -: In the southern section of Sealdah Nature Park is waiting with lovely water and flower Garden. It is a fine place to spend a day for Picnic. It is only 15 minutes work from Breas-bridge  station. This park is maintained by one of the Society. From  Taratala, it is only 10 K.m journey. There are in total, combined small, large, medium, 38 spots. There is no scope of booking by telephone. There is a nominal entrance money.  

       Sanhati Park -: In the Northern section of Sealdah, there is Ashoak Nagar. One should go either Bongaon or Habra by local train. This park is under the maintenance of Kalyangar Municipality. By road from Kolkata through north Barasat by Jashore road can be reached here. By train reach "Ashoak Nagar" station and from there by Rickshaw this park can be reached. There are Ropeway, Boating, Museum, Car-riding, Toy-train, Micki-Mouse etc. There is a nominal Admission charge.

      Uni-Park -: In south 24-Paraganas beside Diamond Harbour Road, there is Uni-Park at Bishnupur". The park is decorated with ponds and flower Gardens. There is a park also for the Kids with various play arrangement of drinking water and toilet. The park is open from 6 A.m. to 6 P.m. There are 6 rooms to stay.

       Kalyani Picnic Garden -: There is a large flower Garden. For picnic here shades of tali, tin and concrete are given. You can also have your picnic in the open air. There are many games for the children in Children Park. There is also a nursery of flowers in this gardens. From Sealdah North section Kalyani- Simanta local train reaches Kalyani-Simanta station. By Sealdah - Ranaghat section train also can be reach here.

      Covet Garden -: From Kolkata through Diamond-harbour Road get down at Mollerthes bus stop. The Picnic Garden is very near from here. There is a Bridge to cross to reach it. There are many types of tress. There is about a Pond, used for boating, in the garden. There is also Playing apparatus for the children. At a time about 150 persons can enjoy picnic. From Dharmatala by any bus going to Namkhana or Shirakol get down at Mollerthes. From bus stop advance some distance and just opposite of Petrol pump is Covet Garden.

       Banabithi -: One can have a day's outing and Picnic at Shivalaya Banabithi in North 24-Paraganas Duttapukur's santoshpur. Duttapukur market is very near for any king of marketting. This place is of some big has on Nilanjan road. Here about 75 persons can enjoy picnic. There are various changes, ranging high on Saturday and Sunday and less on weak days, to have a picnic here.

      Pujali Guest House -: From sealdah southern section on Bodh-bodh line get down at Bodh-bodh station and by auto one can reach Pujali Guest house at Achipur. By road from kolkata first reach Tara-tala crossing and from there by right hand road Achipur is an our's journey. Beside Hooghly river under observation of pujali Municipality, this guest house is a place of come beauty. Apart from Saturday and Sunday this guest house is open from 11 A.m to 5 P.m. One can contact on phone also.

        Abakash -: Purba Abakash picnic Garden is at south Garia in kolkata. Through Eastern By-pass crossing one by one Garia, Kamalgagi, Narendrapur, Rajpur, Harinabhi and reach here. From Sealdah the distance is 25 K.m by train and have to get down either at Subhasgram or Champahati station. Here is a fixed rate to hire this garden and if any party take a house with it, then there is a separate charge. Here is also arrangement of catering.

 Purba Abakash

    Gaeshpur picnic Garden -: This garden can be reached either from Kalyani or Kanchrapara station which are under sealdah main section. There is connection of auto from this two stations and also bus service. Under Govt. Forestry scheme, reforming abandoned pond, the local Municipality has created this picnic spot. There is an entry fee on per head and if this spot is hired with house, then there is separate charge.

Gaeshpur Picnic Garden.

         Nahabat -: One can enjoy picnic at Sonarpur Nahabat, some distance away from kolkata. By any train from sealdah southern section apart from Bodg-bodg, get down at Sonarpur station and from there by suto or cycle Rickshaw reach Bospukur More. Picnic garden is at a stone's throw. Nahabat is simple but beautiful with its small Garden, lawn, large Hall.

     Shailendra Kanan -: From Shaldah south section by Baruipur, Diamond-harbour or Laxmikantapur local train getdown at Baruipur station and from there by Rickshaw or auto one can reach Shailendra Kanan. By car throuth Kulpiroad straight go to Baruipur. Just beside Baruipur high school Shailendra Kanan is well decorated in a beautiful surrounding of pond, coconut tree and others trees. In case of booking Saturday, Sunday and other holiday are more costly than weak days.

Shailendra Kanan

       Nandibagan -: Beside the Ganges there are trees and flower gardens and amidst this beautiful surrounding is a large Cottage. On one side of this Cottage is G.T. Road. From Howrah by train go to Konnagar and from there by cycle Rickshaw crossing Konnagar fire station Nandibagan can reached. By car throuth G.T.Road reach Hatirkul bus stand and Picnic spot is very near from here. There are extra charges for booking on Saturday, Sunday and other holidays.


     K.D. Mullick Garden -: Very near from kolkata, in south 24-Paraganas under Rajpur-Sonarpur Municipality a lovely picnic spot in Kalidas Mallick's cottage or K.D. Mallick Garden. On three and half Bigha of land decorated with flower garden and various trees is this beautiful decorated picnic garden. By train journey,Shildah south section and train but Bodg-bodg local get down at Garia station and moving towards "Boral" through By-pass near Kamalgagi Connector is this picnic garden. By car journey from kolkata throuth Baruipur road crossing Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission reach "Ratha-tala" and from there this garden is very near.

     New-Digha -: This picnic spot is very near from Chandannagar under supervision of Hooghly Zila Parishad beside D.V.C Can-el. This place is very attractive to the Kids for its Toy-train, artificial hill, various joyride, three dimensional theater and "Taramandal". In Howrah main section in any train going to Burdwan or Bandel get down at Chandannagar. At New-Digha park in pond water Columbus boat and Paddel boat float. There is a nominal entry fee. 

        Matri-nibas -: Matri-nibas picnic garden is only three K.m. away from Bandel station. The total garden is made of Mango and Li-chi trees in about seven bigha land. There is a cottage, tent and house board. There is separate arrangement for cocking. There entry free is nominal and there is also chattering arrangement. 

       Shanti Sarobar -: From Barrackpur reach Jafarpur and there is our destination Sarkar Pukur. Now this Sarkar Pukur is called Shanti Sorobar. This Picnic stop is upper Mohanpur Garden Panchayet. In Sealdah north section get down at Barrackpur rail station and from there by auto reach Jafarpur Chalbazar. To contact -: Shanti Sarobar, Mohanpur Gram Panchayet.

     Ananda-kanan -: Nabadeep's Ananda-Kanan has been formed by the initiative of Nabadeep Municipality. This is a perfect place to enjoy picnic. You can have a boating also and apart from it there are Wander land and Wander House etc. One can reach Nabadeep from Sealdha via Khishnanagar or from Howrah via Katoa. By road directly through 34 no National High way or by Assam Road.

        Rabindra-Kanan Sishu Uddan -:  Rabindra-Kanan Sishu Uddan is a very popular picnic spot on Bodgbodg-Birlapur New road in south 24-Paraganas which is very near from kolkata. There attractive spot is under the observation of Purba-Nischiatapur Gram Panchayet - 1 and it is actually a large canal decorated with Garden on both sides. There is a nominal entry free. For booking please contact Panchayet Pradhan - Purba Nischintapur Gram Panchayet Samiti -1, Bodg-bodg, South 24-Paragana.