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       Introduction -: There are lot of train which are booked very early and for that reason you have to be prepared and know when and how to booking tickets. Selection of train is also a factor. Suppose, you wish to go to Puri. The lion share of travelers will try to Jagannath or Puri Express. But very few know that there are some less popular trains also to visit to Puri. Now we shall disclose some such trains.

        Sealdah/Howrah/Santragachi-Balassor-Kottack-Bhubanesswar-Puri Route -: Puri is a famous place for Bengali travelers. Only a handful of trains departed from Howrah only some day ago but now there are some trains from Sealdah and Salimar stations.                                                                                                                                                                                                 From Sealdah on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8 P.m. departs Duranta Express (No -:22201). The same train (No -:22202) arrives Sealdah from Puri on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7.45 P.m.

        On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from Howrah three different trains on separate days at a same time depart (8.55 P.m.) and arrives Puri at the same time (Next day at 5.55 A.m.). The three trains are Howrah-Puri Express (No -:12887) on Monday, Howrah-Puri Garib-Rath Express (No -:12881) on Tuesday and Thursday and Howrah-Puri Express (No-:12895) on Friday. From Puri at 10.15 P.m. Puri-Howrah Express (No -:12888) on Sunday, Puri-Howrah Garib-Rath Express (No -:12882) on Monday and Wednesday, Puri-Howrah Express(No -:12896) on Thusday arrive Howrah next day at 7.05 A.m.

        From Gouhati, Kamaksha-Puri Express (No -:15644) on Thursday at 11.55 P.m. departs from Howrah and reaches Puri next day at 7.45 A.m. On the other hand Puri-Kamaksha Express (No -:15643) on Saturday at 10.15 P.m departs from Puri and Reaches Howrah next day at 7.05 A.m.

        There are some trains also only recently departing from Santragachi and Shalimar station. One of such train is Santragachi-Puri Special (No -:08402) on Saturday at 10.35 P.m. departs from Santragachi and arrives Puri next day morning at 7.30 A.m. This train on Friday by name of Puri-Satragachi Special (No -:08401) departs at 9.25 P.m. from Puri and arrives Santragachi at 6.30 A.m. next day.

        On the other hand Shalimar-Puri Superfast Express (No -:22835) on Wednesday at 9 P.m. departs from Shalimar and arrives Puri next day at 5.55 A.m. This same train (No -:22836) departs from Puri at 9 P.m. Thursday and reaches Howrah next day at 7.02 A.m. 

         Shalimar/Santragachi-Bhubaneswar-Brahmapur-Vishakhapattanam-Vijoywara Route -: Andhrapradesh tour is popular now. Those trains are told below which will go up to Vijoywara but Shalimar-Vishakhapattanam (No :22853).

        On Monday Shalimar-Vishakhattanam Express (No :22853) starts from Shalimar at 6.15 P.m. and reaches destination second day morning 8.33 A.m. On the other hand in time of return, it takes train No :22854 and starts from Vishakhapattanam on Wednesday 1.35 P.m. 

        Mangalore via Tirupati, Koembatur and Koghikore -: In this Route Santragachi-Tirupati super-fast Express (No :22850) goes up to Turipati. This train starts Sunday afternoon 4.05 P.m. and reaches Turipati next day 6 P.m. In time of return this train (No -: 22856) starts Monday night 7.55 P.m. and reaches Santragachi next day 10 P.m.

       On Thursday you will have a train to directly go to Mangalore from Santragachi. Mangalore
Super-fast Express (No -:22851) starts at 4.05 P.m. and reaches third day at 9.50 A.m. to destination. In time of return this train (No -:22852) starts at 10.45 P.m and reaches Santragachi third day at 5.50 P.m.

       Sekendrabad -: Shalimar-Sekendrabad super-fast Express (No :22849) directly goes to Sekendrabaed. This trains starts on Wednesday 12.20 P.m and reaches destination at Second day at 3 P.m. In time of return this train (No -: 22850) starts from Sekendrabad on Friday at 5.30 A.m and reaches Shalimar second day at 9.05 A.m.

       Howrah/Shalimar/Santragachi-Bhubaneswar-Brahmapur-Vishakhapattanam-Vijaywara-Chennai Route -: All the trains mentioned below will go up to Chennai Express Shilimar-Vishakhapattnam Express (No -:22853).

       Shalimar-Chennai Super fast Express (No -:22825) starts from Shalimar on tuesday at 12.20 P.m. and reaches Chennai second day at 5 P.m. On the other hand Chennai-Shalimar super fast Express (No -:22826) starts from Chennai at 4.20 P.m and reaches Shalimar Second day at 9.30 P.m.

       Tiruchirapalli -: From Howrah on Thursday and Sunday of 4.10 P.m departs Howrah-Tiruchirapalli Express (No -:12663) and reaches destination third day at 4.25 A.m. This train (No -:12664) on Thusday and Friday starts at 4 P.m. and reaches Howrah third day at 3.20 A.m.

       Tirubanantapuran -: Tirubantapuran Express (No -:16324) starts from Shalimar on Thesday and Sunday at 10.45 P.m. and reaches destination third day at 10.30 P.m. In time of return this train (No -:16323) starts from Tirubanantapuran on Thursday and Saturday at 4.35 P.m. and reaches Shalimar third day at 1.50 P.m.

       Mahissure Via Bengalure -: Mahissure Express (No -:22817) departs from Howrah on Friday at 4.10 P.m. and reaches Mahissure third day at 5 P.m. In time of return this train (No -:22818) departs Mahissure on Monday at 12.30 A.m. and reaches Howrah second day at 2.50 P.m.

       Kanyakumari Via Kodaikanal Road and Medurai -: Howrah Kanyakumari Express (No -: 12665) goes not only to Kanyakumari but also Kodaikanal or Madurai. This train departs from Howrah Monday at 4.10 P.m and reaches destination third day at 11.40 A.m. In time of return Kanyakumari-Howrah Express (No -:12666) starts from Kanyakumari on Saturday at 7.15 A.m. and reaches Howrah third day at 3.20 A.m.

        Howrah-Bolpur-Malda-New Jalpaiguri/Siliguri Junction (Coachbihar) Alipurduar/Guahati Route -: It is a very popular route for the Tourists. The well known trains of this route are Darjeeling mail, Kamrup Express etc. But there are some trains which are not so popular. We now look on those trains.

        Puri-Kamaksha Express (No -:15643) starts from Howrah on Sunday at 7.30 A.m. and reaches new Jalpaiguri at 6.50 A.m. In time to return this train (No -:15644) starts from Alipurduar Junction at 4.45 A.m crossing New-Mal at 6.21 A.m and Jalpaiguri at 8.40 A.m reaches Howrah in next morning.

       On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Kolkata-Haldibadi Super fast Express (No -:12363) from kolkata station at 9.05 A.m. and reaches New Jalpaiguri at 6.50 P.m. In time of return on Wednesday,Friday and Sunday Haldibadi-Kolkata Super fast Express (No -:12364) starts from new Jalpaiguri at 9.41 A.m and reaches kolkata 7.40 P.m.

       From Kolkata station on Thursday and Sunday starts Gwahati going Garib-Rath Express at 9.40 P.m and reaches New Jalpaiguri at 7.45 A.m next day. In time of return on Thursday and Sunday this train (No -:12518) starts from New Jalpaiguri at 3.51 A.m and reaches kolkata at 3 P.m. On sunday at the same time from the same station departs kolkata-Dibrugar Express also (No -:12525) and reaches to the same destination at the same time. In time of return this train No is 12526  and its all details is same that of the train (No -:12518).

      On Thursday Karmabhumi Express (No -:15611) starts from Howrah at 9.30 P.m and reaches New Jalpaiguri next day at 9.20 A.m though its goes up to Kamaksha. In time of return catch the train from New Jalpaiguri at 3.20 A.m on Sunday and reaches Howrah at 2.10 P.m next day.

      There are some more trains also in this routh and they are -:12513/12514 Gwahati-Sakendrabad Express, 12515/12516 Gwahati-Tirubannantapuran Express, 15901/15902 Dibrugar-Bengaluru City Express, 02501 Howrah-Gwahati Special (Sunday), 12507/12508 Gwahiti Tirubannantapuran Express. Only one problem is these trains reach new Jalpaiguri at night. Though in time of return Gwahati -Howrah special (No -:02502) starts from New Jalpaiguri Sunday at 5.35 A.m and reaches kolkata same day at 1.35 P.m.

      There are some trains included in 2013 - 2014 rail budget and a tourist should look into the list of these trains.