Tour Plan in Indian ten States.

                                                              1) Panjab (State)            

     Panjab has his historical Remains in almost every village. Mainly Dominated by this Shik and language being Punjabi, this States Offers "Bhangra" foak dance to the tourists.

      a) Amritsar -: Amritsar is famous for its golden temple where near about one lake tourists visit daily. Jalinwalabag is at a stones throw from the Golden temple.

       How to go -: From Howrah by Howrah-Amritsar mail to Amritsar. 

Golden Temple.

   b) Chandigarh -: This town is first planned city of India and built according to Environmental Cleanliness. The city is also colled "The city Beautiful".

      How to go -: There is direct rail link from kolkata to Chandigarh. More over there is DTC bus service from Delhi through out the day.  


                                                                  2) Gujrat (State)  

   Gujrat, named after Gujlake, has different temples and beautiful natural scenery, attracts pilgrims and tourists.                                   
      a) Somnath -: Somenath is religious place because 12-th "Jotirlinga" temple of the Load Shiva is here. The temple is divided into four parts -: The first of the dog Somdeva, the scond of the Sun, the third of the Lord Khishna and the forth of the king Bhimdeva.

     How to go -: From Kolkata Howrah-Pobandar express goes to Somenath. The nearest railway station is Bhorabal and from there by train the temple can be reach in only 20 minutes. Apart from that by bus,taxi or Auto one can reach Somnath temple.


   b) Dwaraka -: India's heaven Dharaka is the birth place of Lord Srikrishna and "Dwarakadish" temple is one of the Na-table tourist spots. The temple has two Gates -:"Swaragadwar" (Entrance gate) and Mokshadwar" (Exit gate).  

     How to go -: From kolkata the nearest station from of Dwaraka is "Okha". Apart from that by bus Dwaraka can be reached from Somnath or Por Bandar.


                                                           3) Tripura (State)

      Nature richly bestows Tripura where a tourist can find temple,forest, hill, every thing and the favorite time is from September to March.

       a) Dambur -: A fountain coming down from hill to the Gomti river - many tourists gather at Dambur falls to view this beautiful scenery. Apart from it there is large "Goumukh" or named "Tirth Mukh". From here 3 k.m away is Mandirghat. 

        How to go -: From Agartala 11 k.m away is Dombu and can be reach by private car.


      b) Unkoti -: Unkoti is a pilgrimage of curve stones of the hills. This place covered by the forest is thronged by tourist on "Ashokastomi Tithi" and "Makar Sankranti".

      How to go -: From Howrah by Kamruf or Kanchanjangha express reach Lamding. From Lamding Metre gage line Arartala and from there Unkoti is 176 K.m away. From Arartala by bus or train reach Kumarghat and from there half an hour distance is Kailasahar.  


                                                                    4) Manipur (State)

       The Eastern Borering state Manipur is famous for eye-touching green hills and valleys and various kind of bards and Or-chides. Apart from that Monipuri dance is world famous.

      a) Loktak -: Mairang is semi town of Monipur and the main attraction of the tourists is un -parallel beauty of Loktak  Lake. The migratory birds come here from November to March adding extra attraction. There is also scope for boating and in time of boating the wild beasts are seen to be floating in the water.

    How to go -: From Howrah by kamrup Express get down at Dimapur and from there by private car or bus reach Imful 126 K.m away. Mairang is situated 45 K.m away.   


    b) Vishnupur -: Vishnupur is a picturesque town in the lap of hills. The town famous for its Vishnu temple built according to Chinese style. All through to the town various stone made things attract the tourists.

      How to go -: From Howrah by Kamrup Express get down at Dimapur and from there by Private car or bus reach Imphul 126 K.m distance. Vishnupur is only 27 K.m away from Imphul. 


                                                                     5) Assam (State)  

   Assam situated in the valley of the Brahmaputra is a color state of India for its green tea gardens and natural beauty and is called magic land or green state.

    a) Kagiranga -: Kagiranga national forest is made of the four districts of Assam -: Golaghat, Tejpur, Nagaon and Barrialang. The two-third one horned Rhinos of the world are found here. It is also heavenly place for the birds likes Grated Horn bill, Indian Keller etc. Apart from the birds this national forest can boast of Python, Tusker etc.

    How to go -: From kolkata or Howrah come to Gwahati and from there by NH-37 or AH-1 bus route reach Kohara more and it is the entrance of Kagiranga.



    b) Shivsagar -: Shivsagar is situated 369 K.m from Gwahati. There are many artificial water land where boating is a real experience. Here Shiv Dol temple is seemed to be the highest temple in India. 
  How to go -: From Gwahati -Lamding -Tinsukiya reach Shinalgudi and from there by shimalgudi - Moranhat branch rail reach Shisagar only 16 K.m away. 


                                                           6) Maharashtra (State)

    The third largest state of India, Maharashtra four National forests and more that 25 sanctuary. It is more attractive to the tourist for Kankon costan low land and different remain of the British.

  a) Mahabaleswar -: Mahabaleswar is in satara district and a hill town. The green hilly endironment attracts the tourists easily. There are five revers -:Krishna, Sabitry, Bina, Koyena and Gayetry. The tourists love to travel by boad in the venn lake.

     How to go -: By rail or air reach Puna. From there Mahabaleswar is 120 K.m . The medium travel is by Volvo Coach, Cab Maharashtra State transport corporation bus or by private car.


      b) Ajanta -: Among the tourist spot of India Ajanta is placed just after Taj-Mahal. There are 29 caves and the structure of the caves and artistry on the cave walls create wonder.Many foreign tourists throng here. There is a special Arrangement of visiting five cases in electric light by only Rs - 10. The favorite time to visit is from October to March.

    How to go -: Ajanta is 80 K.m from Bhusual, 59 K.m from Jalgaon and 103 K.m from Ourangadabad. There is regular bus service from these three places and apart from that by private car Ajanta can be reach.


                                                            7) Andhra Pradesh (State)

       Andhra Pradesh is the greatest tourist spot in India. Every year 157 million tourist visit here and among this 1.5 million are foreigners. The most popular festival of Andhra is Pongol which is observed with various ceremony for three days.


     a) Hayderabad -: The pearl city of India, Hayderabad is the largest town of south India and world famous for Golkunda Fort and Charminar. There are various Church, temple and Mosque. Through out the year different tourism fairs are observed here.  

     How to go -: There is regular flight from kolkata to Hayderabad. Apart from that there are three rail stations to connect this town which are Sakendrabad, Kachiguda and Hayderabad. From Howrah by Eastcoast Express Hayderabad can be reach.


     b) Tirupati -:Tirupati is surrounded by many temple. Through out the year devotees came here. There are remains of Dravidian culture in the temples of Tirupati. It is told that Balaji temple is the holiest among these temples. Chandragari Fort is at a short distance from Tirupati.

     How to go -: By air Tirupati can be reached from Hayderabad. There are also direct bus or rail service from Sakendrabad or Hayderabad.


                                                             8) Chattishgar (State)

    Chattishgar, situated in the middle of the country, is almost covered with forust and the tourist are attracted to travel through the path of the national forest. 

     a) Tiratgar -: It is really a eye-catching water fall and situated in the notional forest of Kanger valley. Just opposite to this waterfall there is Shiva-Parbati temple.

     How to go -: The nearest railway station is Jagdalpur. By Howrah-Koraput express reach Jagdalpur and from there go by car and Tiratgar is only 40 K.m.


     b) Bhoramdeo -: Bhoramdeo temple is astonishingly beautiful in architecture and colled the khaguraho of Chattishgar. There is a large pond just outside the temple premise which is colled by the name of "Bhoramdeo Sarobar". Bhoramdeo forest area is a interim corridor between Agancoma and Kanha.   

     How to go -: There are two different ways to reach Bhoramdeo temple. The first is through Raipur / Vilai and the next by Vilashpur. The distance is more or less 140 K.m. There is bus service from Raipur to Kaordha. But from Kaordha for the last 16 K.m tourist arrange their own car.


                                                                  9) Odissa (State)  

     Odissa is a dream land to the tourists for its attraction of Sea - temple - hill - forest at the same time. The traditional Odissi dance is another great attraction. Through out the year this state has foreign and Indian tourists. 

     a) Konarak -: It is only 64 K.m distance from Bhubaneswar and world famous for its Sun temple. The temple looks beautiful and in this solitary place tourist are delighted to see the art on the temple. The mingling point of Chandrabhaga and Bay of Bengal is a place to be which and it said a both in the Chandrabhaga is really holy.

      How to go -: Konarak is 64 K.m from Bhubaneswar and 36 K.m from Puri. From Puri by marine drive in one and half hour Konarak can be reach by bus.


      b) Puri -: Sea of Puri is India famous. A bath in the sea of Puri gives a holy feeling. Beside this there is Load Jagannath temple. In the holy occasion of Rathayatra more than a lakh people pay their devotion.

   How to go -: There are innumerable trains to reach Puri from Howrah. Beside this, from Babughat, there is a ragular Volvo bus service to reach Puri.  


                                                               10) Meghalaya (Starte)   

    The land of the cloud, has a healthy environment and versatile in plant and animal resources.
There are about 1300 type of Orchids and different special  of butterfly.  

    a) Mousinram -: It is a place of cloud - rain and hills. Here is stuated hills one ofter another. All through the journey a tourists can enjoy green and green. Mousinram package tour is arranged for the whole day from Meghalaya tourism. 

    How to go -: From sealdah by Kanchan-jangha Express, from Kolkata Garibrath Express (Thursday and Sunday), from Howrah Saraighat Express, Kampur Express, Gwahati Express. From Gwahati Shilong is 100 K.m away. And from Shilong by car Mousinram can be reached.


     b) Shilong -: It is capital of Meghalaya. There are lots of rememberance of Tagore on the Shilong hill. Tagore's residence "Malancha" even to day makes us remember of the golden past. Through out the hill there are many springs and it is a land of the clouds. Another place watched is Golf Club. 


    How to go -: From Shaldah by Kanchan-jangha Express, from Kolkata Garibrath Express(Thursday and Sunday), from Howrah Saraighat Express, Kamrup Express, Gwahati Express(Friday, Saturday and Sunday) can directly go to Gwahati. By air also Gwahati can be directly reached. From Grahati Shilong is only 100 K.m.