Friday, 11 July 2014

Unkoti and Jampui Hill.

        Today's destination is Unkoti and by air I got down at Agartala. I took night Holt in Agartala and Prepared for 178 k.m. distance to reach Unkoti and the most of total distance was through the hills. 44 no. National way goes to Gwahati but we would go through Mohanpur, Giraniya to Baramura on the way is Bankumari temple and tacking blessing of the goddess we resumed our journey and took a slight rest at Baramura Eco-park.


      The Serpantile Hilly way was in front of us and the turns increased at Taliomura and Atharomura. There was a forest of Teak, Sal, Se-gun. At Taliomura the khoai river was waiting for us. Previously there was tight military security but till now general public can go from 8 am to 5 pm except military Convoy. Be-four to reach Manubazar the hilly was ended and with that security too. We crossed 160 k.m. way to reach Kumarghat. The clock said 11.30 A.m. Centering Kumarghat we would visit Unkoti and Jampui Hill. 

Jampui Hill.

         We were in no hurry as Unkoti is only 18 K.m. from here. There were tea gardens in plenty as soon as we arrived "Kailasahar". There was paddy field in one hand and tea garden in the other. At last we reached to our destination Unkoti Hill. Our chief aspiration was to see carved and architectural wonder idols on Raghunandan Hill. On the face of steps there is a large Shiva idol. The carved idols are here and these on the hill and in the back ground green landscape.

Jampui Hill.

          We got down by the steps and in front of us is "Unkotiswar Kalvairab" idol (30 feet height) which is the biggest bas relief in India. In two sides of this idol there is two carved structure of goddess. Apart from it there are idols of Bandurga, Ram-Laxman, Kartick and Laxmi-Saraswati. In front of this idol there is a "Kundo" and it seems a hilly rive-let.  

         There are lot of folt tales on Unkoti and from historical perspective many researches have been made. Some scholars say its origin is about 8th or 9th century whereas according to some it is more and ancient. Some opine it to be the architecture of the Pal hilly steps and reached certain point of the hill and in front of us a Peculiar stone-statue of the combined imagination of the Trinity - Brahma, Visnu and Shiba. We stepped farther through the broken steps and at the lonely place in front of a room there are statues of - Uma-Maheshwar, Ardhanariswar, Hanuman, Genesha, Nandi, Parbati, ect. The place could be a perfect museum.

         We stepped downwards and on the hilly steps and in front of us there were Ganesha and a Visnu carved figures on the stoney wall of the hill. We were totally taken aback to see hundreds of stoney figures. Now it is time to return. On the way back we had a short visit to Sonamukhi tea garden. Tomorrow our destination is ever-green Jampui-Hill.


       Jampui Hill : It is about 55 km away from Unkoti. It is mainly through the hills. We reached Pecharthal and turned right. The ever present greenery touched our mind. Throughout the way Paddy fields and banana -coconut graves come in front of us. We crossed the Deo river gridge and reached kanchanpur. As soon as we crossed kanchanpur again hilly way came in front through its ups and downs. Two tribal villages Monpui and Klaksi were in our way. At last we reached 11 tribal lived village Bhanmun about 2700 feet high from sea level. We stood at the view-point in front of Eden lodge. Befour us range of the Mijo-hill -a scenic beauty.

       It is a land of green forest and never ending peace. For climatic reason spring prevails here through out the year. Apart from nature there is nothing more to describe. The Jampui hill is mainly of sixth villages - Konpui, Bhanmun, Retling-top, Banlabari, Klansang and sabuan. The villagers are mainly Christian and Lusai and Riang tribes. Our next destination is Shbling-Up.

      The way was lonely and on both the sides there were Orange trees. On the slope of the hill there were Ora ids in plenty. But the nature was not at all in our fab-our and we had to return. On the return journey we stopped at Betling top and there was a beautiful Church. For the last time we breathed in the Unpolluted air and with a heavy heart we returned.

Mijo-hill from Bhanmun.

        How to go: Unkoti can reachable both by air and rail route. Two airports Agartala and Silchar have flight link with kolkata and from there on can easily reach Unkoti.

      By rail routh first to reach Lamding and from there to Tripura and to get down at Dharmanagar or Kumarghat station. From Dharmanagar and Kumarghat the distance to Kalishhar are respectively 31 Km and 35 Km. The train to go from kolkata to Lamding are Kamrup Express (No -15959), Dibrugar Express (No - 12525) etc.    

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