Saturday, 17 May 2014

China Tourist Spot


      Welcome to China : We flew to shanghai from Delhi. We hurriedly exchanged some USDs at the authorized booths in the airport, but later on learnt that we get better rates outside the airport with city moneychangers, hotel desks, etc. We could take night cruise on the River Huangpu instead of the day cruise. Thus started the first day of the tour. WE took the wonderful magnetic-levitation Maglev train ride from Shanghai Pudong Airport to the Shanghai Metro. We headed for the Bund area for an exciting one-Hour night cruise on the Huangpu River.

      The cruise is a witness to the changing face of shanghai and an excellent way to unveil 
the two faces of the city, the old and new shanghai. We saw the river run beautifully between 
the eastern and Western sides, bringing out the brilliantly lit skyline of shanghai rife with 
futuristic glittering skyscrapersOn the eastern bank and the mesmerizing stately old colonial 
edifices along the Bund on the west bank. With music in the background we enjoyed the 
magnificent display of lights from the buildings along the bank and from other vessels as well. It 
was an electrifying experience.


       2nd Day: Shanghal dreams: we started our tour of the city and passed through the 4 km 
shanghai renmin Road underwater tunnel, under the Huangpu River, which connects with urban 
core areas on Both sides of the Huangpu River. Its colonial era architectural styles are dwarfed 
by the looming Space-age skyline of the city. Shanghai’s impressive skyline is meter 20 years 
old and it is hard to believe that New Shanghai was a quiet fishing village in the 90’s.We saw 
the emblematic 468-metre high orient pearl TV Tower,The highest observation deck in Asia, 
where we had a photo stop, the soaring modern art-deco Jin Mao Tower and the yet-to-World, 
completed 101-floor world Financial center. 
       The People’s Square. Once know as a gambling houses, this square is now a political, 
commercial and cultural centre of shanghai’s downtown area, with the most famous 
monuments in it being the Shanghai city Hall and the shanghai science and Technology 
Museum. A large green lung in the middle Of the city, it is a large public park with fountains, 
sculptures and gardens with spectacular open space, Adjacent to the square, we visited the 
century Park, the largest park in shanghai where we saw several Walkers and cyclists.

       In the evening it was time for ERA intersection of Time, an Acrobatic intersection of Time, 
an acrobatic extravaganza. Not only were we amazed by the acrobats’ control and precision, 
but were enchanted by the world that is created through the use of multimedia technology 
and much more.

Bulate Train

         3rd Day: Morning started with a visit to the pearl factory in shanghai to the pearl factory in
Shanghai (ocean of Aquarium), where we witnessed the interesting art of removal of pearls 
from the Oysters and then again some temptation bought some gold coloured unique pearls 
from the outlet. Our Wallet was getting lighter by the day. Further, we ascended the graceful 
pagoda-like jinmao Tower (88 floors and 340 meters high), where  We got-eye Jinmao Tower 
(88 floors and 340 meters high), where we got a birds-eye of the scenery along the Huangpu 
River and that of the sharp roof of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Viewing into the hotel lobby of 
the shanghai Grand, Hyatt Hotel, the world’s tallest five-star hotel in terms of distance from the 
88th floor was a wonderful experience! This building, which is a combination of traditional 
Chinese architectural style and the world’s modern architectural technology, represents the 
young and Vibrant shanghai.We drove to Zhujiajiao, the venice of china, an ancient water town, 
and proceeded on a wonderful and exotic boat tour of the town. Unique old bridges across 
bubbling streams, and houses with Courtyards attached to them transported us to a brand new 
world full of antiquity, leisure and tranquility. We witnessed the villagers, mostly elderly people, 
leading simple and peaceful lives in the old houses, which are preserved to give a taste of 
Chinese architecture and culture.

         Day 4: Always been to try to try out new modes of transport, we opted to forgo out 
usual choice of flying and wanted to experience the Bullet Train instead from Hongqiao 
station (shanghai) to Beijing South railway station. The waiting lounge was comparable to the 
ones available at any airport. The Waiting lounge was comparable to the ones available at 
any airport. This train takes roughly 4 hours and 45 minutes, to cover a distance of 1463 km 
with a top speedof 301 kilometres per hour.

        Post Beijing, which can hold a million people at a time. It was interesting to see the 
square  and hear Our tour guide talk about the history of this vas space, without  ever 
mentioning anything about the Huge protest and massacre that happened here in 1989.  
I very naively asked our guide about the Student unrest (the incident as the Chinese 
calls it) and her tone immediately changed and In an indifferent voice she government 
said she knew nothing about it! This solemn place presents its distinctive characteristics by its 
surrounding scenic spots –Tienanmen Town (Gate of Heavenly Peace ) is the symbol of 
modern china and features on the emblem of the peoples. Archway hangs a large portrait of 
Mao Zedong,with two giant placards reading “Long live the people’s Republic of China and 
 the resting Place of Mao Memorial Hall is the resting place of Mao Zedong , chairman of the   
politburo ofthe communist party of china. The Monument to the People’s Heroes stands in the  
center, a square building. The Guards here are as rigid as a Bee feater of London but they 
could not help turning their heads all the Time to indulge in a bit people-watching while on the 

     Post the Golden Water Bridge we entered the well-preserved imperial palace complex, 
It was forbidden for anymore to enter the palace without the emperor’s permission and hence 
the name “The Forbidden City”.