Sunday, 18 May 2014

Travel guide in Japan


        Introduction : Japan, a country of delicate and natural beauty holds with in itself rich culture and old tradition in the four main island, Honshu, Hokkaido, kyushu and shikoku. With ancient shrines, valleys, whirloops where nature and Japanese tradition are very much alive and is far more stronishing than one's imagination.

    Shikoku, one of the four main islasn of japan is Blessed with a trmperate climate and surrounded by the peaceful seto lsland sea, with a temperate climate and surrounded by the peaceful seto island sea, with its lovely views of the archipelago, and the magnificent pacific ocean. The interior of the island is rich in natural beauty with its rugged mountains and deep valleys. The beauty of all the islands in the seto Island sea is visible from Takanatsu, called " The Capital of seto". 

      Shikoku offers many beautiful tourist spots that take advantage of its rich natural environment. The four prefectures of shikoku are Tokushima, are Tokushima, Ehime, Kochi and Kagawa which are famous, preserving the old-fashioned charm and tradition of Japan.

      Tokushima prefecture, on the eastern side of the island of shikoku, is connected of mainland japan by the Akashi- Kaikyo. Tokushima is home of the world famous Awa Odora Dance frstival secnery. The exciting, intense swirling of Naruto whirpool, the excitement of Awa Odori(dance festival, the vine suspension bridges of lya that take you on journey back to Heian era. The mountains and tkhe seas of Tokushima Prefectures, where the pilgrimage of the 88 sacred temples of shikoku begins, will purify your being.

River Raftting (Japan)

      Ehime prefecture is situated in the northwestern part of shikoku. The climate is warm and mild and it abounds in natural beauty. Blessed with the abundant nature, the unique history and culture as well as traditionl spirit of hospitality have been cultivated.Any one also enjoy the Dogo-Onsen Honkan(Main Building), the symbolic communal bathhouse. Walk along streets limed with old traditional houses. 

Double Vine Bridge in Okulya (Japan)

     Ehime residents are proud of the culture of hospitality to travelers. They have upheld the tradition of the compassionate attitude to the pilgrims for generations. Cycling on the bridges, cruise, and delicious sea-foods amuse you as well. Kagawa prefecture is situated in the northeastern part of shikoku. Formerly known as Sanuki, Kagawa is the smallest of Shikoku's four prefectures. Shodo-shima lsland, Known as the place where olive cultivation started in japan, has beautiful valleys that resemble a location along the Mediterranean, Angel road also known as lover's sanctuary is a beautiful place surrounded by sea to end up all your stress at just one glance. The visit to kangawa will make you feel in heaven and a place which you would not want to leave.  

       Kochi Prefecture is situated in the southern part of shikoku.  Most of the province is mountainous, Kochi is famous for its many rivers.Kochi is full of unique historical scenic and culinary appeal. With kochi castle at the centre, there is the Yosakoi festival, sunday markets, shimanto River. Makino Botanical Garden which was opened in memory of a great botanist Makino Tonitaro is ideal to enjoy seasonal plants in the garden. It consists of beautiful exhibition pavilion and buildings built mostly out of wood. Sawachi Ryori, Dorome, fresh bonito, is irresistible. Get energised by the people, the nature and the food here. Kochi is gourmets paradise where even deep-sea water from pacific Ocean tastes fabulous.

Awa Odori Dance Festival (Japan)

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      Japan holds vivacious natural beauty, old tradition and splendid architecture. The sloping meadows, rugged terrains, stupendous mountains and spectacular sea make it a worth visiting place. Visit the land of beauty, the memories of japan and this holiday will last in your memory forever.