Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Tourist spot in Jamshedpur

      Introduction : Jamshedpur is one of the most well planned and green cities of India situated in the singbhum district of Jharkhand.One can experience a reverie in its spacious parks or take a thrilling experience trekking in its undulating terrains. The lakes here are suited for angling or water sports.

       Adding to the gerrnery of the city is the picturesue jubileee park. The Upvan in Jubilee park is a popular retreat for picnics. Located in the heart of the city, the park is spread over an area of about 238 acres, and is the perfect place for one to unwind and relax. The park is a part and parcel of Jamshedpur, and can easily be said to be the most thriving and happening place in the city.The grandeur of this place lies in the colorful fountains, sarovars and foliage parks with rec-rational provisions like rides.

       The sprawling park is waylaid with well manicured, lush green lawns, dotted with beautiful flowerbeds and illuminated fountains. A delightful visual treat for the eyes, the magnificent gardens set against the unhindered view of the Dalma Hills can have smoothing effect on the senses and are capable of calming down many to disconve that elusive tranquility and serenity witch could be otherwise missing in the daily routines of many a jaded city dwellers. The jubilee park is renowned for its gorgeous Mughal-Style garden that has been modeled on the lines of the Brindavan Gardens at Mysore. What makes the garden more appealing is the display of myriad varieties of flowers. 


       For tourist who want to see the park at its best, visiting it on 3rd of March is the best option. On this day every year the entire park comes alive with colorful lights and alluring fountains, to commemorate the birth anniversary of the founder of Tata steel, sri jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata.

      Any feature on jamshedpur's Jubille Park will not be complete without a mention about the jubilee Lake in the park. spread over an area of forty acres, the lake adds to the serenity of the atmosphere of the park . The boathouse and cafeteria here are ideal places for one to unwind.

      Mention must also be made about the zoo logical park adjacent to the jubilee park.The Zoological park also houses a beautiful lake with excellent provisions for boating. Of particular attraction are the hordes of migratory birds from all over that flock to the vicinity of the lake during the winter months.    

       Jamshedpur is a city with mingled culture. It has the zeal to foster India's productivity by providing facilities to all its cultures. There are insttitutes like the Nritya kala Kendra for dance and music as also a school of Art that perfects the inborn qualities of students in sculpting and painting.As regards sports there is the keenan stadium and the suman Malgaonkar stadium that provide training to athletes and arranges golf courses for people who are keen to learn this classic sport.


        Traveler's Fact File : Jamshedpur is int eastern Indian state of jharkhand . Distances from major cities and towns in eastern india are kolkata (280 Km), Ranchi(130 km), Patna (430 Km), and purulia(43Km). Apart from the jubilee Park, there are a host of attractions in the city. Russi Mody centre for excellence, Bhuvneshwari Temple atop a hilock. one can also make a day trip to near by town Ghatsila. The city has a tendency of moerate climatic conditions.The weather in summer can be pretty pleasant as well. However winter remains the most favourable time for a visit to the beautiful city.

            The city being the hotbed of commercial activities with businessmen of tourists visiting it all the time, markets here have selection of international brands along with local items. Kamani center deals in re-adymade garments.The sakchi market offers products at economic rates and is popular (and quite crowded ) with tourist and locals alike. Beautifull designer jewelry, electronic gadgets and garments are available at Bistupur main market Handicrafts made out of bamoo  or chiseled woodwork can also be seen in the local markets.

           Apart from good eating joints like Equinox which is the most expensive one in the city,
Center point, Bloorns, Godavari, Deep Purple, The Host Asian inn and 10th Milestone in the highways, Tatanagar has a stupendous variety of street food. The mentionable ones can be the Fakira chanachur. It is a spicy and sour snack, will know to everyone. There are a number of shops dealing in  sweets and Bhola Maharaj is a prominent name, Narayan kulti is famed for its kulfis and rupali is a place that exclusively sells milkshakes.The samosa, a triangular indian patty, is also a fine delicacy along these parts.Along with these there are nurga paranthas to devour in the streets.The madras cuisine is to be searched at Madrasi sammelan.

         There are gegular flights to Ranchi. For travel from Ranchi to jamshedpur pre-paid cabs can be taken with a nominal charge of Rs 2500. Local cabs are available for hire to see around the city However, the most commonly available mode of transport in the city is the auto rickshaw.

          The railway station of jamshedpur is called Tatanagar and has a systematic link with other major stations including New Delhi, kolkata, Mumbai,Chennai, Guwagati and Trivandrum. The railways station is in the heart of the city and auto rickshaws are available here to take you any where.