Saturday, 31 May 2014

Versailles Gardens in France

      Introduction: Considered as one of the most beautiful gardens of the world, the Gardens of Versailles is a huge one located on the outskirts of versailles, a small city situated at a distance of around 15 kilometers south west of Paris. Among the various attractions of versailles, the gardens are truly capttivating. Built on an enormous scale, the gardens are laid out over 800 hectares of land towards the west of the palace of Versailles.

Versailles Garden (France)

       A visitor to these gardens will simply be enthralled with the vast stretches of perfectly namicured lawns, meiculously laid out flower beds, the elaborately laid out sculptures and the immaculate fountains. One can just while away one's time here for the whole day by simply enjoying the magnificent views and finding something innovative and unique at every bend. The fountains, which date back to the time of king Louis XIV, add to the distinctive feature of the gardens and make them unique.

        Once inside the gardens, Visitors can soak in the magical atmosphere created by over fifty fountains, several statues of bronze and marble, and a congregation of splendidly beautiful tree formations. There is the Grand Canal which goes more that 1.5 km deep inside the very large gardens. Walking along the sides of the Grand canal is an enthralling experience by itself. Overall, the gardens are an epitome of the beauteous aspects of nature. If you appreciate and enjoy the beauty of nature, and are in the vicinity of Versailles. 

Versailles Gardens (France)

         The history of the Gardens of Versailles dates back to 1630 AD when king Louis XIV began the construction work. since then, like any other garden which has withstood the taste of time, re-plantation was essential and the Gardens of Versailles has undergone five major replanting. The famed author Michel Baridon traces the history of the gardens from the beginning through three centuries of their development. He lays particular emphasis on the cultural importance of the unique landscape here. The immaculately landscaped gardens at Versailles bring out the spirit of that period in French history under the reign of Louis XIV. When the development work of the Gardens commenced originally, particular emphasis was given to ensure taht everything in the gardens was perfectly laid out, including each single tree,every bush every foot of grass, every fountain, pool and the sculptures. Amidst beautiful settings, statues were placed and thousands of trees and shrubs were planted. Particular care was taken to ensure the perfectness of the geometrically aligned ponds, canals and lakes. The fifty fountains carefully spread over the gardens ensure and increase the effectiveness of the overall geometrical designs. The sight of the Baroque sculptures of the gods, in marble and gilt, spraying jets of water into the air from 620 nozzles is remarkable.

          In 1979 the Gardens of Versailles were included in the UNESCO world Heritage List, enabling it to add itself to the list of thirty more such classifications in France. Interested visitors can opt for guided tours to the chateau and the gardens. Inside the gardens, visitors will find bookstores, gift shops and places to dine and grad a quick bite. In fact there is much to see and do at these gardens. One can rent the row boats to enjoy rides on the Grand Canal which flows deep inside the gardens, or simply hire bicycles to ride through the many different and exclusive way to explore the gardens, i.e. a ride on a Segway which is an innovative electric transportation that has two large tires that one can maneuver around without much effort. 

Versailles Gardens (France)

            For traveling to Versailles from major locations in France, one can opt for various modes of travel. There are choices available in the form of cars, buses and shuttle services. To avoid unnecessary delays and overcrowded public transportation, most people nowadays are opting for the private shuttle services.  

           Traveler's Fact File: 1) Versailles is 30 km away from Paris. 2) Bus ride to the Chateau de Versailles can be considered as an option, RATP bus 171 (1.40euros) links pont de sevres in Paris every 8 - 15 minutes daily with the last bus departing for Versailles before 1 am. 4) The RER line CS suburban train runs from central Paris directly to the Versailles Rive Gauche station from where it is a 10 - minute walk. The trains run about every 15 minutes and it takes 30 minutes to finish the journey. Provision for regular SNCF trains from Gare st. Lazare to Versailles at the same cost and time can be undertaken. 5) Some pocket friendly hotels are to be found like Trianon palace Versailles Hotel located opposite the palace of Versailles, Hotel LE Versailles, Hotel Richaud located in Versailles city center 1 km from palace of Versailles, Royal Hotel and Hotel La Residence Du Berry. 6) April is a suitable month folr a trip to Versailles. Fountains are to be discerned only in the weekends. The fountains shows can be witnessed from April to September. The grand palace is accessible daily from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm from April to October. 7) Car or rented Vehicles can also be opted.