Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Butchart Gardens in Canada.

      Introduction: A cluster of display gardens in Brentwood Bay in British Columbia in Canada these internationally renowned gardens are considered to be among the best in the world. Spread over an area of fifty acres, these gardens beckon you to stroll along its meandering paths and sprawling lawns. If you are a first time visitor, the spectacular views are bound to overwhelm you and have a spellbinding effect on your senses.

        The Butchart Gardens are located amidst the tranquil surroundings of a country estate on the southeast cornet of Vancouver island. The remarkable aspect of these gardens is that they are vibrant the whole year round, and there is never a dull season. Right from the grandeur of summer to the resplendent glories of autumn, there is always something new to see, learn and experience here.

      The story goes back of 1904, when Jennie Butchart, the enterprising wife of Robert Pim Butchert, who owned the cement manufacturing company - Port - land Cement, Started giving shape to this spectacular landscape. With a view to beautifying a 130-acre abandoned estate of Portland cement, she successfully managed to created several unique and distinct gardens, capable of invoking a wide range of aesthetic experiences among visitors. Mrs. Butchart's achievement has been nothing short of extraordinary in Canada's gardening history.   

      Jenny Butchart expired just before Christmas in 1950. However, her legacy lives on much to the delight of millions of visitors who continue to be awestruck by the marvelous achievement of a exceptional lady. After her demise, through the efforts of the successive generations of the Butchart family, the gardens have been able to retain their originality. The Victorian tradition of seasonally changing the brillint floral displays continues even today. 

     Internationally renowned and designated as a National Historic Site, these gardens are hugely popular and receive much more than a million visitors every year. As the visitor strolls along the labyrinthine paths amidst the expansive lawns, he is greeted with astounding and breathtaking views all around. In the midst of the magical surroundings of the gardens, do not the surprised at all if you suddenly start feeling that you are actually in paradise. The magic settings can transport your mind to a fairytale world, to the extent that the hope of seeing mermaids and dolphins in the pond blissfully engaged in playful activities with each other might cross your mind!   

The Butchart Gardens in Canada.