Sunday, 8 June 2014

Cosmic Speculation Garden in Scotland.

      Introduction: Garden of Cosmic Speculation located in Scotland is a one-of-its-kind garden, and is celebration of human beings' place in the universe. Visitors are spellbound by its sheer unconventionality. It was designed and created by famous architectural critic and designer Charles Jencks and his wife Maggie Keswick. The garden is one of the most authentic and significant developments of modern era. Traditional and modern philosophies of nature and science have been quite remarkably combined with sculptures, architecture and landscapes here. This garden is conceived as a place to explore and contemplate on certain fundamental aspects of the universe.

        Spread over an area of about thirty acres, the garden focuses on the use of nature to celebrate nature, both rationally and through the senses, including the sense of humour. Concepts of black holes, string theory and the well known 'Big Bang' theory, are landscaped with utter honour and magnificence. Inspired by Chinese garden philosophy, the entire arena has five major parts which are linked by man-made water bodies, bridges, Scottish hills, huge white staircases, terraces, several architectural works staging the dawn of the universe and a series of landforms and lakes recalling fractal geometry. Unlike other gardens, horticultural displays are not the primary aspects here. The designers have remarkably combined traditional and modern philosophies pertaining to nature and science with all the sculptures, architecture and landscapes to create a garden which is magnificent, majestic, mysterious and intriguing.

           Among various other interesting aspects here is a beautiful and powerful staircase called the Universe of Cascade. As you leisurely climb the stairs, you will be delighted to come across utterly beautiful and mystifying items for you to simply sit on and contemplate at each level. In the garden one also comes across an interesting red spiral bridge called Heaven-Hell.

          Today, the garden is one of Scotland's best kept secrets. It is an absolutely fascinating garden, but due to lack of funding, is open for only five hours on the first Sunday of May every year. It is South Western border area of Scotland close to Dumfries footing in the private residential grounds of port-rack House.  

Cosmic Speculation Garden in Scotland.