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Attractive Egypt.

    Introduction : Missor is situated in north-east Africa and south west Asia. The farthest Seniai island mingles these two continents. Now see how you can tour Missor. There two ways -:1) Only advanture to ancient Egypt and 2) Playing with nature beside the red see. It will take 25 - 30 days to have the full journey. The adventure starts here.


      Giza: First there is world famous Giza pyramid. From Kairo by taxi you can reach Pyramid. First to say of Khufu pyramid which is the cemetery of Pharaoh Khufu. For almost 3800 years It had been the best highest architecture of the world before "Linkon Cathedral". The Pyramid has tree rooms - one for the king, one for the quine and third room is incomplete. Wit-hen this Pyramid complex there is a full length boat worth to be seen. 

Article of Egyptian Museum. 

      The next Pyramid to be seen is Khafre Pyramid. The eldest son of Khufu also Khafre and on his cemetery was built these second impotent Pyramid. Wit-hen Pyramid complex there is valley temple which is its entrance. The Neel river touches this valley temple and at last Phinx. The at Phinx is situated in the north bank of Neel river. Its body is that of lion and face is of man. It is 73.5 meter in length, 19.6 meter in breadth and 20.22 meter in height. In the evening a light and sound show is Performed near Phinx. One should not miss it.

6th Mentuhopel Statue.

    Caero: This town is situated near the delta of the Neel river. Here the first destination is world famous Egyptian museum. This museum is open from 9 am to 7 pm except "Ramjan " month. A traveler should have ample time in hand. 

    If you do not know that concrete can be so attractive, then see Caero Tower. It is very attractive in day light but seducing in night. If you want to travel to the ancient Egypt then you have to advance forward some mile from Caero city to Pharnic village. Innumerable actors act here day and night in the attire of ancient Egypt.

     Now it is time to visit a bit separate Caero. Some part of middle Caero is famous for its mosques. The mosques worth to be seen are Al-Ibon-Tulun, Al-Hakim, Al Azhar, Khan-Al-Khappi etc. In the delta of Egypt there is Babilon Fort. Besides this one must have a visit by Mosque street to various traditional mosques and architectures.

      Laxor: From Caero by express train go to Laxor. Sublime attraction of ancient Egypt are very much present in Laxor.The first place to be visited is Vally of the kings, situated in the western bank of ancient Egypt. The Vally was two parts eastern,western. The royal cemeteries are mainly in the eastern part. This Vally is also famous for the discovery of the Royal cemetery of Tuten-khamen.  

        Next is Laxor temple, situated in the eastern bank of the Nile. Ancient Egypt god Amun is worshiped here.

Arte-fact of  Egypt.

     Local people call it by the name of "El-kolasau" or "Es-Salamat". The two statues of Pharaon Amenhotop one have been placed side by side for the 3400 years. The king sits erect looking straight at the Nile. From there catch a taxi and say want to go to "Met-Half-Al-Laxor". The Laxor Museum is here. The total Revolution from the ancient time to the modern age has been depicted here. Previously i told of Vally is kings, now it is time to tell valley is kings, now it is time to tell valley of Queens. The cemeteries of the quins are here. Many Prince and Princesses cemeteries are also here. To go here one should cross the Nile by both then to catch a taxi and seen are Momification Museum and Abu-Hagog mosque.

       Alexandria: Founded by the great Alexander Alexandria is the second largest of Egypt. To remember the greatest library of the Ancient time and to pay reverence has been build in Alexandria - Bibliotheka Alexandria. The other places to be seen are light house of Alexandria, Montaja Palace, Pompey Pillar, Sitadel of Quetbay, Alexandria, National Museum, where one can be ornaments, Diagram and many art crafts of the ancient Egypt.


       Karnak:There are many temples, Pillars and architectures of ancient Egypt. There are four parts Karnak. The largest part has been opened by the Epytian Government for the tourists. The places to be noticed are part of "Amun-Ray" deity, the temple of "Nut" goddess, the war - god "Mantur-Anchal and "Amen-Hotep-five".

            There are so much to be told but remained untold your journey to the land of pharaohs is welcome.




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