Friday, 20 June 2014

The Place to watch - "Deoriatal".

      Introduction: From Haridwar we went to Ukhimath and from there to Sarigram by Car. Deoriatal is 3 km from Sarigram.

        Previous night we spent at Tunganath and in the morning we tracked to Chandrashila Peak to see the sunrise. Having breakfast at Tunganath we went down Chopta and got into car. Today our destination is Ukhimath, so we decided to visit Deoriatal. My mind was not ready to leave Chopta as such a beautiful valley i had not seen in Gadoal. We stopped at Dogalvita to see the whole Himalayan range and from there we went to Sarigram. From Sarigram, Deoriatal is only 3 km walking distance. Sarigram is a small village. At the of the village, there is a beautiful Shiva temple. Below us in the slope of the hill every where is greenery as nature has laid a green carpet. There is a walking way to go up through the village to reach the temple. The Shiva temple is built according to Kedarnath temple.


         Half a km up there is the view point to take rest and to watch beau ti  of Sharigram. After that there is a slight up-wards way. We moved forward enjoying the nature and suddenly the way was divided into two, but of the ways met in the same place - "Deoriatal".


        It was my love at first side. Every where is forest, greenery and the atmosphere is cool, calm. In the northern side there are few benches for the travelers. Forest department camp is situated here. We rested on the grass carpet. We were in no hurry and moving slightly we faced towards north. The sky is blue and front of us is "Deoriatal". Behind us there is Chaukhamba Peak. I hard before that to see the reflection of Chaukhamba in water Deoriatal seems to be a large mirror. The lake is like a heaven to the bird watchers. So far from hue and cry and such a natural beauty all around - In the heaven in fact.


        It is so sad that the divine souls use to come to bath here and so is the Lake's name. Another opinion is that a Yogi named Deoria use to worship here and so the name formed. The name is very correct as such a place can always be for worshiping. Now it is time to return to Ukhimath but it seemed to me that I had gun Bhukhhartal rule several times but such a heavenly place was beyond my visit.



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