Saturday, 14 June 2014

Mysterious Andaman.

     Introduction: 572 Islands attract a traveler in Andaman. It is Impossible to mention each of them and that too in a nutshell. So, description of the main Islands is my effort.

Have Lock

    Port Blair-: The port Blair beach like a curved moon is only 6 Km away from Aberdin market. It is very ideal for swimming. The main beaches are Corbines-Cove beach and wandur beach. A lonch departures from Wondur jetty to Jolliboy Island. One can find pleasure of swimming here. There is a way to go Red Skill Island from here. Adjacent to port Blair two famous Island are Ross and Viper Island. Ross Island even today glimpses memory of the British due quarters, Church, Cemetery, Army museum, hospital, Tennis Court etc. While Viper Island gives pathatic memory of the British empire in its Jail. One can see both of these Islands in a day either by Lon-ch from Aberdin jetty or by conducted tour by private organizations. Aberdin market is almost in the middle of Port Blair. To crass is you find "Ghanta Ghar". Farther north for tourists water sports complex and Marina Park with all the facilities of swimming. Just beside water sport complex there is fishery museum and accuareum. Beside Marin park there is a Zoo. Proceed further there is Atlanta Point and the dreaded Selular jail. 

Sad Volcano

      Havloc and Blue Island: Havloc Island has some beautiful sec Beaches like Radhanagar, Vijoynagar, Govindanagar, etc which call you. One corner of this Island is Radhanagar Beach where sunrise and sunset easily attract a traveler. One can easily to go Elephant Beach by Speed-rider. The attractive Beaches of the Blue Island are Sitapur, Bharatput, and Lakshmanpur.

Blue Island.

     Rangat Island: Lonch coming from Port Blair goes to Rangat touching Havloc Island. The Isalnd is very beautiful as one side of it is hill wall and another side Golden sea Beach. The three sea beaches named Amcunga, Stone and Danilala are really attractive. From December to March in Cartbart Bay sea Beach thousands of tortoises lay their eggs. In the slope of the forest there is a Dense forest. Hill, sea, sky and forest mingle here. The day will pass by in the twinkling of an eye.

Port Blair.

    Maya Port: As the name is the atmosphere here. It is a large locality and it can be said a Port town. It is like a great poem written by mingling of water and forest. There is hardly any sea Beach like Carmatang.

     Diglipur: Diglipur is situated in the northeast Park of north Andaman. The Greenery of the forest, blueish sea and the col our of white clouds of the sky make Dignipur kaleidoscopic beauty. Here sec beaches like Kalipur is very attractive. Apart from it Arial bay Marine Park and water complex are worth to be seen.

Ross Island

     Baratang: It is a 23.8 sq.Km. Island. It is like a queen in middle Andaman District and approx 100 km from Port Blair. This Baratang Island is highly mysterious for its Mangrove forest laden adventurous way. The only Mud volcano is situated here. No one should miss limestone cave here. 

Cellular Jail.

      Tracked: The four destinations -: Sadolpick, Mount Hariyet, Mount Dibalvo and Mount Fourt can be tracked.

      How to go: From kolkata by air or sea one can reach Port Blair.