Monday, 9 June 2014

Miracle Garden in Dubai, UAE

       Introduction:  Lying in the desert, this city has gradually transformed itself from a desert to an extraordinary land of sky- scrappers. It is home to the tallest building in the work, the 'Burj Khalifa'. But what might have remained unheard of Dubai, is the Miracle Garden. This magical garden was recently inaugurated on the Valentine's Day of 2013 and has been crowned currently as the largest natural flower garden of the world. The garden is also competing to create a Guinness World Record for its longest flower wall with a circumference of 1 km. This well ornamented flower wall or the heart-shaped -arched pathways are indeed a great attraction. But this garden has in store for you lot of other surprises too. Truly dubbed as a "piece of Eden" by one of its visitors, this garden has an incredible collection of 45 million flowers while in full bloom. 

     This phenomenal garden is spread over an area of 72,000 sq meters and is a magical creation of its developers in any desert. Indeed a miracle! There is an implausible 'umbrella pathway' which is shaded with numerous rainbow-tinted mini-umbrellas that are hung above. There are huge flower-pyramids which rise up to 10 meters high, several water bodies and topiaries of vintage cars, hearts, stars, igloos and pyramids. Public toilets, ablution and prayer rooms are also present in the arena. There is also allotted space for retails shops, restaurants, multi-storied car parking and outdoor recreations, all of which are expected to be coming up soon. The developers of this garden are aiming at a million visitors every year after it becomes fully operational.

    The Miracle Garden is located in Dubai-land near the Arabian Ranches. The distance between Dubai-land and Miracle Garden is 21 km and the travel time is 25 minutes via taxi. It will remain closed in the peak summer months from late May to September. It is expected to enchant its visitors every time it reopens, with a new set of blossom every year.  

Miracle Garden in Dubai