Monday, 9 June 2014

Garzoni Garden at Tuscany in Italy.

       Introduction: The famed Garzni Garden has a villa placed in a raised position in coherence with the landscape with a stupendous garden. It was constructed a little prior to 1652 AD by the aristocratic Garzoni family in Collodi of Lucca in Italy. It is an aqua garden conceptualized at the base of banistered terraces. The designs display a fusion of styles with great conformity to art noticed in the times of the Renaissance. The gardens also bring out the ingenuity in the perspective of the eyes of the inventor who played with height and depth while erecting this garden. Adaptations have been made through frescoes or Rococo styles that bear testimony to the inconceivable artistic minds that had abilities to move anyone with their designing capabilities. There are beautiful caves, theatres made of boxwood hedges and circular ponds over a flat platform with fanciful topiary work. The mind will be naturally frezied to recognize the mysteries of he maze in these gardens that gave shelter to lovers who often took the vows of marriage hoping about good fortune in their lives. There are figures of mythical creatures called satyrs with statues of Pan and Flora. A climb to the terraces reveal the magnanimity of the waterfall from the staircase with the figure of fame at the foremost peak blowing a conch like thing that gushes out water from a great height. The hydraulic systems that supply water for the water fountains are supported by two staircases that invite a visitor to view the garden from above. The staircases are instances of beautiful mosaics with niches made of clay. In the nymphaeum there are statues of Neptune and Tritons. In the second tier of the staircase the statue of promona can be visualized who maintains a vigil over the garden. All these are surrounded by dense greenery with many paths. Two of these paths lead to the Bomboo groves.

         A plantation of bamboos is found here too with a greenhouse that is steeped with colourful butterflies during the summer months. The hedges present the sight of birds like black swans, cranes and unknown species of ducks that stay near the waters. Squirrels too from part of the small inhabitants of garden.

        Overall, the Garzoni Garden is beautiful. The statues, fountains and the plants all come together to make the garden a wonderful place to stroll around. Wondering about, one will soon notice that the designs are an achievement by themselves. Being in the Garzoni gardens will surely turn out to be an unforgettable experience. One just simply has to let go and loose oneself amidst all the spectacular designs and the landscapes here. The garden is open throughout the year except on Sundays in the months of November to February. The open timings are generally 8.30 am up to sunset. However, during November to February the open timing are 9 am to 12 pm and again from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Garzoni Garden (Italy)