Monday, 9 June 2014

Five Senses Garden in New Delhi.

        Introduction:The Garden of five senses is an effort by the Delhi Government towards a greener Delhi with sumptuous amount of composure for the people residing here. This garden has food for all the five senses. There is an enthralling presence of many sights and sounds. Unconventionally created, this park has tried to portray an orchestration of the feeling and senses of the human mind. The visitors have the full liberty to feel the texture of the rocks and smell the aroma of flowers. The vivid landscape appeals to the eyes. There are also a collection of ceramic wind chimes that scatter pieces of sounds when struck by the wind to further reverberate them in the recesses of the brain. Last but not the least, there are arrangements for fantastic delicacies for the sense of taste. The Garden is located at said-ul-Aizab village near the Mehrauli heritage area in New Delhi and is spread across 20 acres of land.

        Located on a terrain with enormous variety of flowers like Antirrhinum, pansy, Dahlia, Aster, Orchids and more. The ground is enriched with plants like Kalpaka, Kadambaha, bamboo, Cactii, Arjun and other herbs. Vast stretches are set in a slope that twines like a sairway to feature red sculpted stone elephants in water. Fountains are found in the central hinges that are illuminated by fiber optic lighting system. The arches or the ceilings have a touch of carvings inspired from the Mughal designs. There is also a sandstone amphitheater, a pool endowed with water lilies clustered with splendid plants. A giant stainless steel sculpture with pinwheels often becomes the most frequently caught image on the camera. Visitors are allowed to exchange ideas with the renowned artists who had helped in the presentation of the symbolic modern art here. Apart from art work there are exhibitions of artistic forms given to plants or bushes. These are to be seen during the garden festivals that occur every year in Delhi. An educative attempt has also been undertaken by placing amusement rides that are run with solar power. Running of buses, cars or computers are magnificently displayed to exemplify this venture.

         The Garden of Five senses is much more than a mere park. It is a place which incorporates a host of actively encourage public interaction and exploration. It goes a long way to provide to the dwellers of India's Capital City a much needed space for leisure and to unwind.  

Five Senses Garden (New Delhi)