Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Bay Gardens in Singapore.

       Introduction: A 'garden city' with rapidly emerging concrete jungles, night life, star cruises and sky scrapers was transmuted to a 'city in a garden' with the magnificent fabrication of the 'Gardens by the Bay' in Singapore. This enormous man-made architecture has the blend of nature and human power to its sublime finesse. The garden was an initiative step of the Singapore Government towards changing the eminence of life in the metal city by incorporating flora and greenery into it. It is like an Eco Park which is currently a favourite hub for the event planners. The breathtaking spectacle of the garden is attracting tourists from all over the world too.

        The categorically divided three waterfront gardens here. The Bay East Garden spreads over 32 acres of land which glorifies the Marina Reservoir with a 2 km esplanade facade. It has gracious design of tropical leaves in series, wherein every leaf has different themes owing to assorted landscapes and characters. The Bay South Garden is the largest amongst the tree gardens, with an area 130 acres. It is a man-made wonder which exhibits garden-artistry at its peak. It puts forward an entirely dazzling and chromatic saga of an orchid starting with the roots or the conservatories, to the shoots or the link ways, then the secondary roots with various communicative lines of water and energy, and then finally emerging out with full blossoms of super-trees and theme-garden. The conservatories have two parts, viz, flower-dome and the cloud-forest with significant corners of interests like Monkey Puzzle, Secret Garden and Cloud Mountain among others. The sky scraping super trees with heights between 81 to 164 are notably so spectacular that it could compel one to feel like being landed up in a different planet. The tallest super-tree in the slot has the world's first ever rotating rooftop bar and restaurant from which a majestic view of the Marina can be snagged. The third Garden is in the Central Bay which is yet to be fully completed. Once completed, it would provide a link from the Bay South to Bay East Garden. It covers 37 acres and has a 3 km pathway that offers stunning views over a saunter.

          All these gardens are manipulated by taking into account several nature-conserving plots. For example a lake system in the park acts as natural Eco filter that cleanses the water by using several aquatic plants. There are several bus services to access the Garden and it is indeed a pleasant visit during a trip to Singapore.  

The Bay Gardens in Singapore.