Monday, 21 July 2014

Kasmir in full spring.

       Introduction: This year's month from Kolkata by train we went up to Amritsar and got down at Jalandhar station. From here by night train we reached Jam-mu and from there by Tata Sumo we took the way Srinagar. We reached Jawahar Tunnel and crossing it we entered Kashmir valley.

Tulip Garden

       The beauty of our way amazed us and one side of the way is hill wall and on the other large valley. The Jhilam river become our companion and the way in front ice clad-den hill welcome does. We at last reached the central point of Srinagar Dull gate.

      Next day we went to Dul-lake. We took a boat to enjoy water. Today Dul-lake is surrounded by black hill and covered white hill in the sides. The total lade is a mini-market. We again return to our hotel for our lunch and after that by auto we went to visit the famous sites of Srinagar. We first visited Srinagar Tulip Garden. Here in the month of April Tupin Garden is observed to 20 days.


      Our next destination is "Hajoratbal Mosque". To enter the temple firs the adjacent vast grass land appeared to our eye. There many Muslim were praying and the children were playing in delight. We next went to visit Shalimar Bag. This emperor Jahangir for Nurjahan. The emperor usually in summer season use to visit this place with his "Begum". Our next destination was "Parimahal", a garden made by emperor Shah-jahan's son Dara.


     There are many beautiful Gardens in Srinagar named Nishatbug, Nashinbug and Chasmasahi Garden. Next day we went to visit Gulmarg. Our car was traveling and the two sides of the road were Poplar tree. At last we entered Gulmarg, a vast green land. We ascended by hilly way and on the top entered the Shiva temple. The place was lonely and after paying our regards we went to Gondwala by hours riding. Here rope way is called Gondwala and this is the highest rope way of the world. We at first bought Ticket to the first station and entered in the land of snow. In this station there are various ways of enjoyment. After a while of traveling and enjoying we again return by Gondwala. In the spring time here all enjoy Golf. 


       Next day we were ready to visit Pahalgaon and our guide was the Lider river. By the beautiful dreamy way we reached Pahelgaon. We hired horses to see four points on the hill. As much up we went, the nature unwieldy her. In a certain place our horse stopped and the owner of it announced that it was Kashmir valley point. The snowy mountains ahead were very near. Our horses were driven more into the forest and in a lonely place near a stream, we visited second point. Our horses moved farther and gradually we reached a green grace field. It was a speechless experience. After relishing 3rd point, we arrived at more green land. This point is called "Mini Switzerland".

Hazaratbal Mosque.

        Next day we again started our journey to "Son-marge". The attractive way touched our heart. The Sindh river is surrounded this village like a half Moon. Slowly the road have its up and on two sides seeing ice patch, ice bridge we reached Son-marge. All around the snowy mountains stood gravely. Son-marge is more beautiful than "Gaul-marge". After a brief stay here we returned Srinagar.

           Next day we went by walking towards Del-Lake. We took a "Shikara" and went towards Nehru Park. It is a small garden beautifully decorated with different co-loured flowers. We bid goodbye to Nehru Park and again got into "Shikara". We entered deep into Del-Lake and found that it was a mini floating village in water.

          We reached the bank and by auto resumed our journey to some historical architecture of Srinagar. The locals call this place "Old City". We first went to Shah-I-Hamdan. This large Mosque is beside the Jhilam river. 


       Next we went to Jama Mosque founded by "Sultan Sikandar Shah". This Mosque had been burnt thrice and after third time emperor Aurangzeb again re-built it and after that till now it is safe. This is our short visit to the land of beauty and joy.

       How to go -: From kolkata by train reach Jam-mu-Tawai directly by trains - either Himgiri Express or Jam-mu-Tawai Express. From Jam-mu by bus or Sumo reach Srinagar.

      When to go -: Throughout the year Kashmir is pleasant but the rainy season. The tourist should prefer from March to June, time of Puja to visit Amarnath.     


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