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Tourist spots in Madhya Pradesh (M.P)

       Khajuraho -: Surrounded by the Bindhas, the temple of Khajuraho is a sparkling name in the world tourist map. These temples are divides into east, west and south in three parts but the western part temples are very famous. The temples of these parts are enjoin 12 and they are Lakman temple, Laxmi temple, Baraha temple, Mahadev temple, Kandario temple, Surya temple, Biswanath temple etc. In southern part there are Duladeo and Chaturbhuja temple and in the eastern part their are three Jaine and Hindu temple. The idols are made from stone andit enriches our art and culture. Apart from the Hindu deities there are dancing Devdasi, Nagini Kanya, Idols of god and the famous "Mithun Murti" of Khajuraho.  


      Khajuraho temple is notable in its ancientness, numbers of Idols and artistic quality. Various of "Mithun Murty" are sen in Duladeo temple. In Chaturbhuj temple and Idol can be seen whose from the feet to the waist in Krishna, from west image of Narayana and on the Crown and face image of Lord Shiva are manifested. Every temple is unique in its art and craft. Another notable spot of Khajuraho is Archaeological Museoum. In this Museoum various artistic idols have been kept. One thing should be noted that there were 85 temples in the past but now only 22 temples remain. Truly without a visit of these temples India tour is incomplete. Panna National Park is only 25 K.m away from Khajuraho. There are other two places Pandaw waterfall and Ranesh waterfall only 34 K.m and 20 K.m away respectively.

Jahaj Mahal.

       Jhansi -: After a tour of Khajuraho 273 K.m away to the west is our next destination Jhansi. In the traveling map U.P Jhansi is a notable name. This place under the Governance of Chandella Dynasty touches its peak and is an attraction for the tourist. Jhansi Fort created by the king Veer Singh is an unique remain of Indian architecture. There were 10 Gates in the past but there not seen today. A travelers interest though grows to Ganesh and Shiva temple and Kadak Bijli and Bhabanisankar named two cannons. There is a Govt Museoum surrounded by Brindabanlal Verma Park, Rani Laxmibai Park and Dindayal Community Hall. Jhansi tour will be incomplete without a look of Jhansi Fort from the Museoum. The holy bones of Saint Jude  has been preserved in the famous cemetery of Saint Jude. Saint Jude church is also famous for it architectural value. A traveler can go Chirgaon only 30 K.m away by the side of Batoa river and is th birth place of the poet Maithili Sharon Gupta and also famous for its beauty. only 24 K.m away is Baruasagar. 


        Orcha -: Only 14 K.m. away from Jhansi is Orcha beside the Betoa river. Founded by Bundla Raj Rudha-pratave in 16th century Orcha takes you to its golden past for its palace, temple, architecture and artistry. In the 17th century by king Veer Singh Jahangir Mahal is a unique architecture. Surrounded by "Chatri" this palace is the symbol of Bundel culture. Religious inscription has come out at Rajmahal which is also surrounded by Chatri and unique in aristocracy. Rani Parvin Mahal is an experience to the tourist for remembrance of of Rini and its beautiful surrounding. Chaturbhus temple is placed on large stone. A traveler is bewildered when he steps into the temple for its unique beauty. Laxmi Narayan temple is a sublime remain of Orcha art. There is also Ram-Raja temple. Phulbag's palace is also an example of the taste and culture of the Bundel kings. The palace formed 8th pillars take a traveler to a fairy-take world. 


     Gwallior -: Gwallior is 104 K.m. away from Jhansi by 75 National high way. Gwallior is unique for its culture,art, literature and Music. Gwallior Fort, best in India, has to clime through idol decorated way, Gujri Mahal founded  by queen Mrignayani, is very beautiful. Here is a Museum also. Man Mandir palace attracts a travelers for its grandeur and vastness. Jawahar Kunda also today gives a witness of "Jawahar" tradition in the past. The Fort is open for tourists from morning 8  to evening 8 .


    "Telika Mandir" is a Vishnu temple, only of its kind for its architecture, "Sash-Bahu-Ka-Mandir", "Data Bandi Chor Gardware" etc. bear Gwallior's own culture. Joybhilas, Palace of Sindhiya Dynasty has a Museum in its 35 rooms which is open for all from 10 A.m to 5.30 P.m every day except Wednesday. One should also visit cemetery "Tansen", Khosh Muhammad Masolium, the remembrance of Tantia-Topi . Gwallor zoo is open from 8 A.m to 6 P.m. every day except Friday.  

Gwallior Fort.

     Mandu -: 520 K.m away from Gwallor Rani Rup-mati's immortal town Mandu is really a dream to be watched. It is 200 feet above sea level in the Vindhal. Sultan Giasuddin built "Jagah Mahal" in the middle of "Suraj Talao and Kapur Talao" and adjacent "Taveri Mahal" are a beautiful combined architecture. Dolna Mahal, "Hindola" is an excellent discovery of indian architecture. There is beautiful artistry in Hindola. Dilwar Khan Mosque, Nahar Jharokha, Taveri Mahal, Ujali and Andheri well are unique in their own. Marbel decorated "Hoshen Shah Tomb" is today as beautiful as was in the past. Jama Mosque bulit following Damasques Mosque is another placed viewed in Mandu. Mandu is a small town but beautiful in its own.


        Bandhabgar -: Bandhabgar forest covering 448 Sq.k.m is in the Vindhas. This National Park separated in three sections - Tala, Magri and Bamera is close for the tourist form 1st July to 15-th October. In 1968 this forest forest was regarded a National Park. Withes this forest, there is Bandhubgar fort almost 2000 years old. In 1935 this Fort was deserted. But today this National Park is known for its Royal Bengal Tiger. In this area first white Tiger was discovered. Bandhabgar is also attraction for its Baghas Museum, Ancient Tala Village, "Jalamukhi Temple", Sleeping vishnu Idol; Vulture, Deer, Sham-bar etc in than bank of the Damer river. But the main attraction of this National Park is Tiger. There is also provision by Zip safari in Tala and Magri Zone. A traveler can wish for an Elephant ride by the written Permission of Field director. There is 24 hour helpline (092127)-77223, (092125)-53107, 08744012052. Letter also can be send of this address -: Bandhabgar National Park dot com,
Post -:Tala, Bandhangar Tiger Reserve, Dist -: Umaria, M.P

         Website -: 
(There is also special tour package in Bhandhabgar)


        How to go -:  If you starts from Khajuraho then there are Shipra Express (No -:22912) from Kolkata, Sealdah-Indore weekly (No -:09310), Howrah-Mumbai C.S.T Mail (No -:12321) etc. You have to get down at Satna. There is also Indian Airlines Plane facility between Kolkata and Khajaraho. 

        Where to Stay -:There are different tourist lodge in every place.

     Special Information -: Bus service in M.P is really well. There is also facility in on-line booking in bus service. From 8 A.m to 8 P.m on toll free help line -1800-233-7777, all information can be gathered except Sunday and holiday.


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